My name is Joachim, and this is the website I made to show my work.

Hope you enjoy it!

A few questions to myself :

What do I do ?

I work on the concept of public space and common goods. I want to create the best frame possible for people to change their own world : I am not an expert of anything, I don’t bring any solutions myself. I look for innovative process and, gravitating around, application possibilities, I see my work as interactive, and transforming with user’s idea. I like evolving tools more than finished objects. 

How do I work ?

I like to become an active member of a community so I feel very concern about everything matters to them, and I automatically accumulate knowledge in the field, which I communicate in a way everybody can understand. I like to think a lot with my hands; it is always by accident that I start projects and find attractive ideas. I like the freedom of exploration, trusting myself on what to do and where to go without valuable explanation, that is why I consider myself as an artist.

With who do I work ?

I worked with Berger-Levrault, which is a 1400 collaborators company that edits software and prints documents for the public institutions (cities, hospital, schools…). I was helping the development of new offers in the field of citizen relationship, such as concertation processes and on-line tools for democracy. I used all my skills to make everybody work together and produce valuable ideas and knowledge. Yet, this work cannot be shown because it’s not my property.
Working with them, I became very familiar with the community around Etalab, the « laboratory » of the french government, that works a lot for the opening of the public data and the transparency of the government. This community includes people from Nuit Debout, Open Law and Open Democracy Now !
I am also in the middle of a very active artistic community between Brazil and France, that mostly works in the streets.

What are my skills, what am I interested in ?

I like narration a lot : writing, drawing comics, making up stories, shooting pictures, taking videos, editing, working with sound and voices.
I like to investigate : observing from global and very close point of vue, listening, asking questions, participating to the work of community to learn what I need to know.
I like to make people play : serious games, flash browser games, cards and platform games, full-scale games. I like to put people into this particular mood where everything becomes possible.
I like to make it clear : explaining ideas with the help of my exceptional graphical skills (posters, user scenarios, apps or website modeling), setting up scenography for exhibition or events.
I like making websites : I usually start with a Tumblr hosted platform, then I change the html and css to make it how I want it to be.

What is my educational background ?

ENSCI: Industrial design, 2014-2016 (Paris, France)
Atelier de Sèvres: Preparation Year in Arts, 2013 (Paris, France)
Dsk Supinfocom: Fundation Year in Animation, 2012 (Pune, India)
Lycée Boulle: Baccalauréat in Applied Art, 2011 (Paris, France)

Skin of the girafe

Context. There is a public square in Montreuil that is surrounded by a grey wall, 2,5 meters high. It is wanting to become a gathering point for all the neighborhood, especially families. Inside is the “citizen’s house”, where local democracy sessions happen every month.


Action. I wanted to offer free areas for citizen to express themselves with color, and to still have a harmonious-looking result at the end. I asked to a local street artist, Mosko & Associes to contribute with his stencil animals. We designed the one-day painting process together.


Observation. I had to convince people from the neighbourhood council. They where scared about colouring a public wall because they did not want it to become a graffiti spot. I really had to think about how the painting would stay and resist the graffiti threat. I decided to leave empty free-expression plots for graffiti to be included in the composition when they appear. It worked!



l’issue de la journée, une fenêtre est créée dans la palissade,
permettant d’avoir un aperçu partiel de ce qu’il s’y passe depuis la

fait de bénéficier d’un espace dont les usages ne sont pas définis
est très important. Ils laissent la place de se projeter au dessus
de ce qu’on est sensé y faire, car ce qu’on est sensé y faire
n’existe pas. Je donne à voir le lieu de façon brute, sans grille
de lecture, car c’est un espace flou, majoritairement constitué de

High way, free way

Context. Montreuil is a 100.000 inhabitant city, cut in two parts by the highway A186, a symbolic frontier that pedestrians can only cross at some points, on or under bridges designed in the 1970’s for car only. The upper part, aways from Paris, is not served by the subway, what makes it even more isolated.


For this project, I joined a group of citizen who organise an ecological festival that takes place on this particular highway since five years, making it become pedestrian for one day, on a 2 kilometers distance. It offers an entire set of activity, music and street art show without any provided source of electric or fossile energy. For this year, the expectation was about more than 30.000 visitors.


Action. I wanted to offer a space for the visitors to paint, near by the street art show, breaking the barrier between visitors and performers, and still have a nice-looking result at the end.


Observation. The entire thing worked so well! Still, local graffiti artists get frustrated not to be included in the street art show which became an international event. Two days after the festival, they covered the wall.

Fabric architectures

Context. In the suburbs, many inhabitants do not see where they stay as a living place. Live is happening where we spend all our time, in the big city nearby, full of stories and history, with a strong identity.

Action. I want to create a very fast process that would be used to become rather :

-Open expression areas, breathing places where you could meet your neighbours and share something.

Observation.a To create an intimate space was really quick, people coming back from work in the evening came and layed down. We really felt naked when the fabric fencing got removed.

-Alternative art gallery that would take place in the street, where exhibition or artistic performance would happen around some public furniture. Here we talk about a lamp.

Observation.b I wanted visitors to express themselves about the object and to explain what they said with a comic. We needed to be a team to make this really functional. The space also has to possess more of the gallery standards, in order to make it become a real exhibition place.

-Way to analyse an object with the help of the passers, in order to rethink it.

Observation.c It was a good experience but to really extract intresting materials out of it, I need to adapt the rules of the game and maybe link the images produced by drawing to the object. It would also nice to change the context and keep the experience, to see what happens with different populations on the same object.

Beautiful souls

Context. The street called “rue de l’Eglise” is a key point in the city center, because it is the way to the metro station for Paris.Every segment of the local population is passing by, crossing each other without especially mixing. In this street, there is an access to a huge vacant space, full of graffiti.


Action. The aim was to dedicate this street to its users and to make them meet.

Day 1: I organised a “vote” using stickers to collect and show the favourite colors of the passers, but also to announce that I was going to color the palisade.


Day 2: I painted the portrait of every single person that asked me to.


Observation. This thing really worked well : it started dialogue and debates between the populations during and after the painting. The inhabitants of the street really appreciated.


quotidien est une aventure incroyable. Écrire nos souvenirs
immédiats amène à faire des connexions entre les anecdotes vécues
et nos pensées du moment. Cela nous permet d’avoir une vue
d’ensemble sur l’histoire que nous vivons, de réfléchir son sens et
de nous donner envie de connaître la suite.

Zoé Caïe, graphiste sur le projet : http://pouette.tumblr.com

Neighborhood spirits

Context. In the suburbs, many inhabitants do not see where they stay as a living place. Live is happening where we spend all our time, in the big city nearby, full of stories and history, with a strong identity.


Action. I wanted people to have something into what they can project their beliefs, myths, stories and anecdotes, as a narrative starting point to enforce local identity. I designed and spread imaginary characters in neighborhoods, then I made them live, using their figures in scenes or public events, in order to link those events with where they happen.

Gege’s character. He appeared in Montreuil last summer, 3 meters tall, dark pink, then he came back a few street later, in 3 dimensions, inviting every passers in his home. 


Mr Radowsky: Inspired by the famous Max Linder, who used to shoot movies in the neighborhoods, back in the 1900’s, Mister Radowsky is always in movement, dancing amoung graffitis, painted with brush. He appeared in the street but came back at some local event.