Fabric architectures

Context. In the suburbs, many inhabitants do not see where they stay as a living place. Live is happening where we spend all our time, in the big city nearby, full of stories and history, with a strong identity.

Action. I want to create a very fast process that would be used to become rather :

-Open expression areas, breathing places where you could meet your neighbours and share something.

Observation.a To create an intimate space was really quick, people coming back from work in the evening came and layed down. We really felt naked when the fabric fencing got removed.

-Alternative art gallery that would take place in the street, where exhibition or artistic performance would happen around some public furniture. Here we talk about a lamp.

Observation.b I wanted visitors to express themselves about the object and to explain what they said with a comic. We needed to be a team to make this really functional. The space also has to possess more of the gallery standards, in order to make it become a real exhibition place.

-Way to analyse an object with the help of the passers, in order to rethink it.

Observation.c It was a good experience but to really extract intresting materials out of it, I need to adapt the rules of the game and maybe link the images produced by drawing to the object. It would also nice to change the context and keep the experience, to see what happens with different populations on the same object.