My name is Joachim, and this is the website I made to show my work.

Hope you enjoy it!

A few questions to myself :

What do I do ?

I work on the concept of public space and common goods. I want to create the best frame possible for people to change their own world : I am not an expert of anything, I don’t bring any solutions myself. I look for innovative process and, gravitating around, application possibilities, I see my work as interactive, and transforming with user’s idea. I like evolving tools more than finished objects. 

How do I work ?

I like to become an active member of a community so I feel very concern about everything matters to them, and I automatically accumulate knowledge in the field, which I communicate in a way everybody can understand. I like to think a lot with my hands; it is always by accident that I start projects and find attractive ideas. I like the freedom of exploration, trusting myself on what to do and where to go without valuable explanation, that is why I consider myself as an artist.

With who do I work ?

I worked with Berger-Levrault, which is a 1400 collaborators company that edits software and prints documents for the public institutions (cities, hospital, schools…). I was helping the development of new offers in the field of citizen relationship, such as concertation processes and on-line tools for democracy. I used all my skills to make everybody work together and produce valuable ideas and knowledge. Yet, this work cannot be shown because it’s not my property.
Working with them, I became very familiar with the community around Etalab, the « laboratory » of the french government, that works a lot for the opening of the public data and the transparency of the government. This community includes people from Nuit Debout, Open Law and Open Democracy Now !
I am also in the middle of a very active artistic community between Brazil and France, that mostly works in the streets.

What are my skills, what am I interested in ?

I like narration a lot : writing, drawing comics, making up stories, shooting pictures, taking videos, editing, working with sound and voices.
I like to investigate : observing from global and very close point of vue, listening, asking questions, participating to the work of community to learn what I need to know.
I like to make people play : serious games, flash browser games, cards and platform games, full-scale games. I like to put people into this particular mood where everything becomes possible.
I like to make it clear : explaining ideas with the help of my exceptional graphical skills (posters, user scenarios, apps or website modeling), setting up scenography for exhibition or events.
I like making websites : I usually start with a Tumblr hosted platform, then I change the html and css to make it how I want it to be.

What is my educational background ?

ENSCI: Industrial design, 2014-2016 (Paris, France)
Atelier de Sèvres: Preparation Year in Arts, 2013 (Paris, France)
Dsk Supinfocom: Fundation Year in Animation, 2012 (Pune, India)
Lycée Boulle: Baccalauréat in Applied Art, 2011 (Paris, France)